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Future Flex Academy

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Future Flex Academy is a training program for 21st-Century attitudes and skills. We’ve developed our own holistic method of experiential learning that combines Theory U, Design Thinking, and Magic Circle theory of play. In three days, your team will do a deep dive into group dynamics, personal growth, collective vision, human-centered design, and new forms of leadership.

Why not just take a Design Thinking course?

It’s our specialty to apply the method of Design Thinking to co-creatively solve our clients’ complex challenges. We love helping our clients to innovate their process and services by giving them the tools and methods to do so. But in our experience, it’s not just the tools and methods that make innovation work. The attitude of the people who are going to apply these tools and methods is equally as important. That’s why we’ve developed Future Flex Academy; a comprehensive training that focuses both the tools and the attitudes needed to fuel meaningful innovation that sticks with your team, long after your collaboration with Zeewaardig is over.

Our unique approach to training innovative attitudes

Design Thinking meets experiential ludodidactics, in other words, Play-Based Learning.

What We Offer

Your Team

Your team is searching for new ways to innovate within your organization. You’re running into the limitations of your current processes and ways of working and seeking out creative solutions. You believe that organizational culture can make or break a company. You feel that your team needs to be more resilient in the face of the complex, uncertain future, but aren’t sure where to start.

At Future Flex Academy, your team will learn to love playing with complex, future-oriented challenges.

3 Days of Transformational Learning

Module 1: 21st-Century Designerly Attitude


9:00-10:00 | Welcome / Team Building

10:00-13:00 | Fixed Phase
Become aware of the individual and collective assumptions keeping you stuck through hands-on play-shops.

14:00-17:00 | Free Phase
Let go of mental models you don’t need anymore through guided improv and physical, sensory experiences.

18:00-19:00 | Reflection on the day
Reflection is what turns an experience into learnings. We’ll do a final check-out to share what each person is taking away from the day, followed by drinks.


9:30-10:00 | Lecture on Innovative Organizational Structures by Lily Higgins

10:00-13:00 | Flex Phase
Discover collective values and purpose through embodied prototyping, role-play, and scenario building. Co-create a set of Principles that your team will apply to future challenges and ways of working.

Module 2: 21st-Century Designerly Attitude

14:00-14:30 | Lecture on Design Thinking by Esmee Mankers
Let go of mental models you don’t need anymore through guided improv and physical, sensory experiences.

14:30-17:30 | Research & Define Challenge
Define a real design challenge within your organization and conduct empathetic research interviews with real people from your target group.

17:30-19:00 | Analyse & Ideate
Learn new tools to analyze the data from your research and take brainstorming to the next level in the ideation phase.


9:30-10:00 | Share Insights
Dive deeper into your team’s insights from the day before through sharing and feedback.

10:00-12:00 | Concepting
Crystallize your concept based on the insights from your research and visualize it.

13:00-14:30 | Prototyping
Using lo-fi materials, build a prototype of your concept that can be tested with your users.

14:30-17:30 | Testing
Conduct user-testing with your prototype with your target group. Record insights from your tests and improve your prototype based on how your users react.

17:30-18:00 | Share Your Designs

18:00-19:00 | Final Reflection
What will your team take away from Future Flex Academy?

19:00~ | Celebrate!

Will your team be one of the first to enroll in Future Flex Academy?

Enjoy an early-adopters discounted tuition fee and a tailor-made course experience based on research into your organization’s needs.

Future Flex Academy is a collaboration with Playspace.

Curious about the course? Want to sign up? We look forward to hearing from you.