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Online Workshop Visual Communication

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Fun training that covers the basics of visual thinking in which you are constantly drawing yourself. You learn drawing techniques as well as how to translate concepts into visuals. Even online it is rather easy to give feedback on each others sketches and to create a visual library together.

Do you want to experience how to make meetings, ideas, processes or issues clearer and more attractive by working visually? This online  workshop has been specifically designed to learn the steps and tricks of visual communication. You will only need a pen and paper and we will help with the rest!

Why communicate visually?

Visual communication is the ideal way to quickly transfer information in such a way that it stays with the audience.

The idea exists that you have to have talent to be able to draw. With this workshops we like to show you that everyone can draw! The purpose of communicating visually is to quickly make information understandable. In this workshop we show that you can do this by keeping the drawings simple and using the right methods. It doesn’t have to be ‘pretty’. During the workshop we will be mostly ‘doing’. In addition, visual communication can help to make a meeting more interactive.

Approach and material

The workshop will me offered online. You can sign up as a team or as an individual. A workshop has a maximum of 10 participants. It’s a fun activity for co-workers to motivate each other to work visually and to keep drawing after the workshop.

Online and on paper!

During the workshop there will be a facilitator present, who will use screen-sharing to explain theory, examples, and assignments. Everyone immediately works on these assignments from their own workplace and shares them using the online tool (more information will follow after registration). This way you don’t just learn from yourself, but also from the others!

Leading up to the online workshop you will receive a package at home from Zeewaardig including all the basic materials you will need for the workshop.*

The workshop will take up a daypart, divided into three parts of an hour. Step by step we will build up to making visual communication applicable to your field of work.

Part 1: Basics (1 hour)

The first hour is about the basics of drawing. This part consist out of many assignment on which you can work yourself. During the assignments the facilitator is constantly available for additional explanation or feedback.

Part 2: From text to visual (1 hour)

Everyone can remember the presentations that are hard to follow because of an overload of text. Why wouldn’t you turn this text into visuals? This will be discussed in the second part of the workshop. With the use of example texts we will collaboratively ‘translate’ text to image.

Part 3: Visual collaboration techniques (1 hour)

How can you use visualisation to work together? There are many different approaches to this. In the third part of the workshop we will talk about and practice a few different methods. For organisations and teams we can adjust the subject to your specific field of work.

After the workshop

The Zeewaardig package of materials* includes drawing materials that you can use during the workshop. You will also get a reference book so you can take another look at the theory and assignments: an additional stepping stone to make visual communication applicable to your own field of work.

Very educational and fun workshop! In two hours I have
learned a lot and I can actually apply it to my daily work.

Now free for freelancers

It is a difficult time for self-employed people/freelancers. Also for people in education (teachers, students) it is difficult to attend classes. That’s why we offer the workshop for free during the coming weeks. Contact Wies if you want to participate in the workshop.

Mail Wies

*) Not applicable to the free workshop