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Storybuilding is a *qualitative* research approach in which participants  tell a story together based on a LEGO model which they built themselves. This versatile method has been developed by Zeewaardig on the basis of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Design Thinking principles. With storybuilding you retrieve personal and inspiring data that (as opposed to endless lists of numbers) generate empathy among the researching professional and the participants themselves. It provides insight into the perception of the target group and results in clearly understandable, concrete and visual results. Let’s not forget; for both the participant and the researcher, it is a lot of fun!

Use storybuilding when you want to:

What will it bring you?

Possible approach


Participants in the research will be included in a (future) scenario. This scenario  introduces, for example, the ideal neighbourhood of the future and forms the starting point for the story that the participants will create. With the use of a few exciting questions the participants will be challenged to shape a story.

Sketching a story

Participants will get to work with their ideal story, for which they will draw and write. Special attention is giving as to why certain elements or people occur in the story.

Building LEGO

After sketching the story, part of the story will be build with LEGO. The LEGO-model could be a representation of a real place, but could also be an ideal. The LEGO bricks challenge the participants to take different aspects of their model and think about the bigger picture.


Together with the researcher a story is prepared. This story is then shared in a minute and a half using the LEGO-model. The choices that have been made and why they are important are emphasized here.

Where have we used storybuilding before?

This method has been used in multiple projects and the research- and session results have been passed on to our clients in a practical way.

We have implemented storybuilding at:

Are you interested in implementing storybuilding in your project?

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